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Latin American and Latino Studies Announces...Study Abroad and Domestic Travel Grants

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The LALS program offers this travel grant to students studying in Latin America or conducting research in Latino communities in the United States. Students must complete the online application and submit the names of two Lehigh Professors (one LALS professor, and another of your choice) who will submit letters of recommendation on your behalf if requested by the Grant Selection Committee.

Preference will be given to LALS Major and Minors.  A student must have a 2.7 GPA to qualify for a semester or year-long Study Abroad program and a 2.0 GPA (the equivalent of good academic standing) for a short-term program. Please note that these are Lehigh’s GPA requirements and that individual programs may have different standards.

For questions contact the Office of Interdisciplinary Programs, or 610-758-3996.

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Study Abroad Opportunity in Argentina

Semester and Summer Programs Available

Universidad de San Andrés
Program in Latin American Studies

Designed for students who are interested in learning first-hand about Latin America, the Program in Latin American Studies offers the possibility of choosing among a wide range of courses in different disciplines with a significant Latin American Studies content. In these classes, students explore various facets of Latin America’s culture, politics, and society.

Our courses are taught by Universidad de San Andrés faculty who are accomplished scholars and professionals with research agendas and experience teaching in foreign universities.

Intended for students at the intermediate Spanish-language level and above, our program complements classroom learning with periodic field trips and cultural activities that introduce students to diverse aspects of life and culture in Argentina. Several Social events such as meetings, parties and day trips are organized to encourage interaction between foreign and local students.

Many students also take the opportunity to visit some of Argentina’s most spectacular natural sites, such as Iguazú Falls in Misiones and the Perito Moreno Glacier in Patagonia, the world-famous wineries in Mendoza, or they go to the beautiful mountains at Bariloche for skiing, mountaineering, fishing and other outdoor sports.

The program curriculum seeks to enhance participants’ Spanish skills, expand their understanding of Latin America and Argentine culture, and provide students with a high-quality and, memorable study abroad experience.

Academic Structure:

Our program allows you to enroll directly in classes at the Universidad de San Andrés together with local students. Most of the courses are taught in Spanish by full-time faculty. Each semester, we also have a limited number of courses that are taught in English.

According to your interests, you can choose to focus on three different tracks:

(1) Latin American Literature, Arts and Culture

(2) Latin American Society and Politics

(3) Latin American Economics and Business

(4) Service Learning

In addition, the program offers Spanish Language and Culture classes at different levels that are designed specifically for international students.

For information on the program, application, scholarships and Argentina, click here... 

Study Abroad Opportunity in Peru
Summer Program Available

Field School Program In Peru

The Field School Program in Peru provides students with the opportunity to carry out practical work in research programs in the different fields of knowledge where PUCP is involved and which are directed by some of our most prestigious faculty members. This context allows participants to have an enduring, rich and fruitful academic and personal experience. In its ten years Field School Program has received around 300 students, increasing each year the number of participants. 

The Field School Offers

Participating students will have the opportunity to live a unique and intensive field and research experience and have a direct approach to local people, with respect and openness to intercultural learning.

By going through each one of the stages required to carry out the field research processes in a systematic manner, at the end of the program, students will have expanded their knowledge of Peruvian history and culture, learnt about the day-to-day activities of local inhabitants, improved their ability to analyze social aspects and contributed with the solution of necessities by applying theoretical concepts to local problems.

The experience gained in this course could be the basis for the development of future research topics at their universities.

The program accepts graduate and undergraduate students without any previous fieldwork experience. Spanish is not required, since most activities are conducted in English. However, it is advisable for students to have a basic knowledge of Spanish in order to facilitate a fluid interaction with the population and be able to collect the information needed for the research.

For information on the program, application, scholarships and Peru, click here... 

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