Latinos in the USA through Music: A Cultural History

Wednesday, September 23, 2020 - 5:00pm
Music has always manifested a people's history, cultural roots and identity, and ours, as Latinos. This presentation focuses on a broad (and nonlinear) overview of the last 75 years of music in the Latino U.S. as a reflection of a hybrid identity we continue to forge in the cultural collisions of migration. 
Catalina Maria Johnson, Ph.D. is a Chicago-based journalist. She hosts and produces her own radio show, Beat Latinowhich airs in Chicago on Vocalo (Chicago Public Media). Catalina is also a regular contributor to NPRBandcampDownbeat and other outlets and a member of the editorial board of Revista Contratiempo
Catalina credits the tenacious insistence of a Mexican mom and a German/Swedish dad for the extraordinary gift of a bilingual and bicultural heritage. Thanks to them, she grew up between two cities named St. Louis, one in Missouri, and the other, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Her music journalism explores the extraordinary diversity of the global music scene with an emphasis on Latin and Latino music – from the most traditional roots music to cutting-edge electronic grooves. It is also very important to her to focus on the cultural riches that immigrants bring to the country of destiny, an invaluable and often unrecognized gift.
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