How Latin American Studies Helped Me in My Career

Wednesday, October 13, 2021 - 5:00pm
How Latin American Studies Helped Me in My Career
Seth Morton ’65
Encouraged by his Father, Seth Morton made his first trip to Mexico while in Prep School.  At Lehigh he majored in International Business.  At the time there was no Latin American Studies program, but students who had an interested in Latin America formed a group.  Then in 1963, Professor Gerry Fishman came to Lehigh who Morton considers the Founder of the Latin American Studies at Lehigh.

After graduation, Morton traveled to South America. This experience led him to work in Latin America with companies such as Manufacturers Hanover Trust, XEROX, Chemical Bank, and Avis.
Morton will share these experiences and more about  the importance of Latin American Studies for one’s career.


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